Zoller & Ryder, October - December 2012
Atrium Gallery, Corning Community College 
(3-dimentional works by Tom Ryder

L to R: Irish HIll Megalith (2012), Lunar Megalith (2012), Study for Megalith
(2012), and Capillaries (I) and (II) (both 2011)

L to R: Mjolnir (2012), Irish Hill Archetype (2012), and The Irish Hill Ratio

L to R: High Meadow Collage (I), Pillars, and High Meadow Collage (II)
        (all 2012)

L to R: Yggdrasil, White Megalith, and Irish Hill Megalith (all 2012)

L to R: Helheim (top, 2010-12), Horgr (2010-12), and Pale Archetype (2010-12)